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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Royal Mail approve leaflet for free distribution

We have received this morning by email the following communication from the Royal Mail concerning our candidate's election communication for the Livingston by-election on 29 September. Next step: printing the 50,000 to be delivered free to each of the households in the constituency. The presses starting rolling on Monday.

"I am writing to confirm I have vetted the proof to ensure it does not contain any obscene, offensive or indecent content and I am happy to give my approval. The vetting code is xxx-xxx-X.
Kind Regards
Artwork Vetting Team

Royal Mail vets election mailings where the postage is paid by the DCA [Department of Constitutional Affairs] and draws candidate attention to election mailings which it considers contains material which is offensive, obscene or indecent. Regardless of any vetting carried out by Royal Mail, it remains the responsibility of candidates to ensure that election mailings comply with the law and the requirements as set out at pages 12 and 13 of the candidate mailing campaign. One of the requirements is to ensure that election mailings do not contain any signs, words, marks or designs that are offensive, obscene or indecent. Candidates should ensure that election mailings comply with the product specification as laid out in Candidate Mailing Guide to Best Practice - in particular the mailings:· must not weigh more than 60g· must be the same size and weight· must be between 140mm and 240mm in length, between 90mm and 165mm in width and no thicker than 6mm when folded· must have the words "Election Communication" font 10 or larger on the front of the mailing. (if the mailing is addressed it must be the top of the mailing) Please be aware candidates are entitled to one free mailing.This mailing must be EITHER unaddressed or addressed, both cannot be sent."


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