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Thursday, September 15, 2005

No, he's not one of us

A US student newspaper in Boston, The Daily Free Press, in its edition for yesterday, opened an article headlined "BRITISH MP BLASTS BUSH FOR IRAQ WAR" as follows:
"George Galloway, a Member of Parliament in the Socialist Party of Great Britain, challenged Britons and Americans to defy governmental authority, particularly against the War in Iraq, in a rally at Faneuil Hall Tuesday." (see
We are of course opposed to the Iraq War as to all wars, which under capitalism are caused by conflicts of interest between capitalist states over sources of raw material (in this case oil), markets, investment outlets and strategic locations to protect these, but we have to correct the Boston students' mistake.
George Galloway has nothing to do with the Socialist Party of Great Britain. He is an MP, the only one in fact, for the reformist Respect Party. Helped by the trotskyist SWP, he played the Muslim sectarian card in the Bethnal Green constituency in London and won. Now that the Scottish Sheridan Party (SSP), having dumped Sheridan, is in decline, he is threatening to stand his Respect Party in elections to Scotland.
We are sure that Galloway will be as anxious to deny any connection with us as we are with him. After all, he still stands for the pipedream of a reformed, "humanised" capitalism as he did when he was a Labour MP for Glasgow, and not for a socialist world of common ownership, democratic control, production solely for use and distribution "from each their ability, to each their needs" that we, as real socialists, do.


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