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Friday, September 23, 2005

The Crazy Contradictions of Capitalism

In our election leaflet we talk about unemployed nurses alongside closed-down hospitals and we have been challenged on that claim , certain individuals citing the current campaign to invite foreign nurses to solve the existing shortage of nursing staff . Confession time . That section was taken from an earlier leaflet . Then , there were 14,000 unemployed nurses ( See here. ). One problem that does exist to-day is trained nurses no longer wishing to pursue their career . Tens of thousands of qualified nurses who choose not to practice for reasons of low pay and grueling working conditions. " 41% of hospital nurses were dissatisfied with their jobs and 22% planned to leave them in less than one year (among nurses younger than 30, this figure was 33%). " - International Council of Nurses report 2003 .
We fully expect the pendulum to swing back eventually and the demand for employing nurses to wane once more again , even though the demand for nursing care will still remain high .
It possibly already has as this report seems to indicate :
" The British Medical Association (BMA) said three-quarters [ hospital trusts ] were facing cash shortfalls of 0.2m to £25m this year...In addition to the half who said their trust intended to implement a recruitment freeze , a quarter said their trust was considering staff redundancies. One in seven said redundancies would include medical staff. " See here
But our point was a general point . To demonstrate how misery can co-exist with the potential possibilities of abundance .

But to press home our damning of the system that permits the closure of hospitals while trained staff are unable to exercise their medical skills , we direct you to this recent statement by the British Medical Association :
" Thousands of young doctors might be unable to find work because of a shortage of jobs and the problem could be worse than feared, the British Medical Association said on Tuesday......A survey of 2,356 junior doctors carried out in August found that almost one in ten had been unable to find work.The BMA said if that proportion was replicated across the country, then as many as 3,000 doctors could be affected, forcing many to go abroad."
See here. .

So in place of reading "unemployed nurses" in our leaflet , please read "unemployed doctors alongside closed-down hospitals" instead .


  • At 10:31 AM, Blogger Patt said…

    people only want to be socialist when they are skint.ideals can only be practiced with individuls that make up the majority.


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