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Monday, September 19, 2005

For the West Lothian Courier

Brian Gardner is the candidate for the Socialist Party . We are standing to argue the case that Capitalism is past its sell-by date .
The world can now easily produce wealth sufficient to adequately house , feed , care for and educate the global population . Instead we see hunger, disease and homelessness around the world despite the concerns of governments, charities and popstars. Closer to home, in a "developed" nation like the UK , we see child poverty and an increasing gulf between rich and poor . Rates of depression and anxiety are becoming epidemic .
Capitalism is failing : it now acts as a barrier , preventing production being geared to human need . Rather than keep trying to tinker with this system we should start looking beyond it to an alternative : a wageless , moneyless , classless world community based on production for human need , not profit .
This social change can only come about once the majority understand it and want it . It won't come about by following leaders or voting for someone else to do it . The face of our candidate is therefore a complete irrelevance . That's why we have no photo .
The other candidates contesting this election (whether openly pro-capitalist or avowedly socialist) are asking you to believe that they can run this society a little bit better . We’d argue that history shows that the money system actually ends up running them . Their pre-election promises usually amount to nothing .
So don’t vote for them - it only encourages the idea that capitalism can be made better. A vote for the Socialist Party in contrast, is a statement that you don’t want to live this way and that you think another world is possible .
If you have confidence that humans can live and work co-operatively without the pressure of the wages system, or the rationing system of money , then visit - and vote for the Socialist Party .

Brian Gardner


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